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The origin of MECCA is where multitudes have traveled for a spiritual pilgrimage and where Malcolm X took a journey of peaceful self-discovery. Going to MECCA, X shared it forced him to rearrange much of his own thought patterns and previous conclusions about life and people.


And, in my own personal journey of self-discovery, growth, 

faith, creativity and strength as a black woman, 

Mahogany Essence Creative Agency was curated to represent my MECA'.

Thank you for visiting Mahogany Essence Creative Agency curated by Dr. Kay Renee.

MECA is where business, entrepreneurship, social change, creativity and faith collide. At MECA we provide each client with a standard of excellence toward meeting their marketing needs as a change agent. 

MECA thrives on diversity, equity, inclusion, equality and belonging through serving BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) communities.  Our clients understand the need of having a creative agency that has the business acumen in marketing, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurship and capacity building to ensure their brand regardless of a new business or corporation reorganizing is met with creativity and professionalism.

Welcome to MECA.



Kay Renee, PhD


Dr. Kay is a Published Author, Creative Director and Founder of Mahogany Essence Consulting Agency. This platform is the culmination of her devotion of 24+ years as a social change agent working in social services. Furthermore, Dr. Kay has been a creative, artist and designer even longer.



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