Image by Augustine Wong




The key to successfully marketing your business begins with developing a strategic marketing plan in which each activity is based on solid research and specific goals and is implemented and carefully evaluated in a timely manner. The plan serves as a road map to help you achieve your marketing goals.

There are nine major steps required to develop a well-crafted, strategic marketing plan:

  1. Set your marketing goals.

  2. Conduct a marketing audit.

  3. Conduct market research.

  4. Analyze the research.

  5. Identify your target audience.

  6. Determine a budget.

  7. Develop specific marketing strategies.

  8. Develop an implementation schedule for the strategies.

  9. Create an evaluation process.

Every successful business has a specific marketing plan and it can be overwhelming knowing exactly how to start. MECA will relive that stress to ensure your marketing strategic plan produces the results you desire.